Coordinate an indoor resource drive

The weather outside is frightful and for many kiddos lots of indoor recess time is on the horizon. How can we help teachers make indoor recess fun and creative? Day after day of miserable weather could equal more screen time for your child if your teacher does not have creative, fun resources. Consider starting an indoor recess resource drive to help! 

Step 1

Reach out to your teacher to let her or him know you would love to help stock the classroom with board games, crafts, building blocks for younger kiddos, etc to help with indoor recess. Suggest an Amazon wish list to make it easy to share with parents. 

Step 2

Rally other parents to help! Send out an email asking for donations. Something like: 

With colder weather on the horizon, our sweet kiddos will most likely have more indoor recess over the next few months. I reached out to Ms./Mr. [insert name] to see if there is anything she/he needs for the classroom to make indoor recess fun and creative for our children. She/he sent me a wish list from Amazon. No pressure to help out on this front, but if you would like to it is super easy. Just click on the list, select items you would like to purchase, and then Amazon will take it from there. Many thanks for considering!

step 3

Check in with the teacher a few weeks after the indoor resource drive to see how the resources are helping. If the drive is a success, spread the word to other parents at your school to encourage more collections across all grades and classrooms.  

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